As Sutherland’s local full-service eye care centre, Optopia is your friendly one-stop shop for a wide selection of glasses, frames, contact lenses and eye tests in the Kirrawee and Woronora neighbourhoods. Located on the corner of Flora and Eton streets, Optopia carries an impressive range of name brands to bring comfort, style, and – most important – clarity into your life.

Our highly experienced team includes an expert optometrist and opticians to take you through the entire easy process of helping you see (and look) better. Our eye doctor will be happy to give you a walk-in eye exam, including an eye vision test and a glaucoma test. Afterwards, we’ll update your prescription, and then our opticians will help you find the right solution for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses or are simply interested in cheap eye exams in the Kirrawee and Woronora area, Optopia gives you world-class eye care at an affordable price. Our frames are stylish and come from some of the world’s most respected names. Gucci, Tom Ford, Bally, Roberto Cavalli, Caravan, and Kenzo frames are among our collection, ensuring you make a bold and confident impression with your new look.

Our lenses are custom-crafted, and we offer single-focus, extended focus and multifocal lenses to suit your lifestyle and its specific visual needs. Several extra features can be added, including anti-glare coating to ease reflections from certain types of artificial light. Our anti-fatigue coating can help regulate your sleep pattern by blocking out certain types of blue light that originate in computerised devices. Transitional lenses are also available, gently lightening and darkening your view depending on the setting, for comfortable viewing both indoors and out. Transitional lenses also feature UV protection, keeping your eyes safe and well-protected from the sun.

Sunglasses from Optopia are another excellent way to stay comfortable outdoors while also looking great. With brands like Furla, Kate Spade, Ermenegildo Zegna, Police, Jimmy Choo, Givenchy and Dragon, you’ll find our sunglasses to be practical as well as fashionable. Let your sunglasses be an extension of your personality, with the colourful and wide-ranging designs you’ll find at our local eye care centre in Jannali.

For those looking for a completely natural look, we also offer a complete range of contact lenses. Customers can show us their prescription, or request lenses after an eye test from our optometrist. Daily contact lenses require no cleaning solution, as they are disposable after a single use. Fortnightly and monthly lenses are also available from our Sutherland location. These require daily disinfection via a cleaning solution, and are also designed to fit easily and comfortable for an excellent visual experience.

Even if you don’t need new glasses or lenses, it is a good idea to occasionally book an eye exam at our eye care centre in the Kirrawee and Woronora area. Our eyes are delicate and essential organs, and regular exams can lead to timely diagnoses of potentially harmful diseases. People experiencing pain in their eyes, distorted vision that includes sudden flashes or blurriness, temporary blindness or any other visual anomaly are encouraged to come for a special consultation, including a glaucoma test and other eye care procedures by our in-house orthoptist and optometrist. Our eye care centre is fully equipped to diagnose your condition, and help you begin to regain your health and visual clarity.

Optopia is home to modern diagnostic tools and equipment, but our real strength is in our people. Our optometrist has over 20 years of clinical experience, and our opticians bring a longstanding passion and dedication to the task of finding and fitting the right frames and lenses for every customer. We also pride ourselves in creating the right solutions for every customer. For any problem relating to vision and eyewear, come to us and we’ll put decades of experience to the task of making it right.

Visitors are welcome to book an eye test through our website, or call our vision centre in Jannali on 02 9521 2939 to make an eye appointment by phone. Alternatively, just step into our eye care centre at the corner of Flora and Eton in Sutherland, and let our experts take care of your eye examinations at a cost that won’t make your eyes water.

At Optopia, we take the world’s most advanced optical techniques and combine them with the finest global brands to provide you with a five-star experience – and we bring it all right to your neighbourhood in our small, locally-owned business. Our friendly staff are on hand to help you with general queries as well as special requests, making Optopia the clear choice for expert eye care in Sutherland.


The world is our oyster when it comes to sourcing beautiful eyewear. We frequently cross hemispheres seeking high quality craftsmanship and innovative designs.



Independent optometry means we tailor your eye examination to your needs. Far from one size fits all, our clinicians take advantage of powerful diagnostic equipment and apply over 25 years of experience to diagnose and manage eye conditions. We believe optometry is about more than just glasses and we aren’t restricted by commercial pressures, so we can spend more time on your eyes.


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